Mason Jar Salad

Inspired by many clean eating posts and a craving for veggies mid-day, I put together a few mason jar salads. 

The beauty of the mason jar is that the dressing stays compacted by veggies on the bottom while the leaves stay dry up top. 

I didn’t follow a recipe – I simply added what sounded good.  I put in a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil at the bottom with salt and pepper and topped it with quinoa. I love artichoke hearts, so those went in next, followed by garbanzo beans. (I had them on my salad at the grocery store a few weeks ago and can’t believe I didn’t think of them earlier!)

I had kalamata olives, so I added those, then I topped it off with spinach.  

Altogether, a regular bag of spinach, a can of garbanzo beans and a can of artichoke hearts combined for four small mason jars – perfect to get me ready for the week. 

The result?

A pretty hardy lunch!

Don’t forget a plate though – the jar is pretty packed and it wouldn’t mix well in there.  

What are your favorite salad ingredients? Please share in the comments because I’m always looking for a new flavor!


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