Water: 3 Tips to Drink More


How do you like your water? Hot? Cold? Room temperature?

In my journey to a healthier lifestyle, there is one ingredient I’ve used more and more: water. It keeps my skin softer, it keeps my belly fuller, and it just plain refreshes. (It helps I live in “it’s a dry heat” Arizona – I probably need a lot more water than anyone else!)

I’ve had issues in the past with water. I’ve added flavored sugar packets to help me drink more, for example. However, I’ve got three healthy ways to add more water to your day.

1. Get a SUPER COOL water container.

It has to be a container made for plain water and nothing else. (Well, I don’t need to be bossy. You do it how you like.) I have two new amazing water vessels. First up is the Hydro Flask 40 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Yes, 40 ounces. I love it. I fill it with ice and water, and it stays cold all day. And, in fact, into the night. I know if I fill that baby twice, I am good to go for the day. The second is my Simple Modern 17oz Wave Bottle. Yes, you can buy the more expensive Swell kind. However, I found that the Simple Modern version saved me some money, and still maintained its coldness all day long. In fact, I ice and water it up, leave it in my hot car all day,  and then it’s nice and chilled for my ride home. Plus, it fits perfectly in my standard cup holder.

2.Track it.


You know I’m a fan of Bullet Journals. So why not incorporate tracking in your planner or calendar? You can also do it in your fitness and nutrition app. Or – if records aren’t your thing – your actual water vessel can track water. For example, check out Zak! Designs HydraTrak Tumbler with Straw. For a cheap substitute, use rubber bands on your favorite water tumbler.

3. Drink it warm.

I like my water icy cold, but sometimes, it’s time to change it up. A little lemon water warmed up, or a weak tea will work for me. (I’m not a big tea person.) Tea isn’t adding calories, and doesn’t even necessarily mean you’re adding caffeine, so it’s a great addition to water. My office is so cold these days, I’m guaranteed to have a warm beverage a few times a day.

What are your tips for being hydrated? Let me know in the comments.

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