America, the Beautiful

About eleven years ago, I relocated with my family to the west. At the time, I’d been  used to the rolling plains and sunflowers of Kansas, and the beautiful skyline of Kansas City. We’d take trips to the green, lush Lake of the Ozarks. Upon arrival, I had very little appreciation of the desert.

Sure, it was nice to see mountains. (Excepting Mt. Oread in Lawrence, Kansas, I was generally not used to seeing any height in the distance!) But I truly didn’t appreciate the varied landscape.

Fast-forward to today. I have a few international trips under my belt, and I’ve seen a bit more of the country. I have had numerous trips to California, Nevada and Mexico, and have begun to see beauty in the desert.


The desert landscape can vary from cactus to Joshua tree to green mountains and snow-capped mountains. (By the way, I call Joshua trees Dr. Seuss trees, because they remind me so much of the ones in his books.)

desert-prisma5And then I discovered this very cool app called Prisma. (All images within the blog, except the header original photo, are from Prisma.) The way it turned each image into art just made me further appreciate the landscape I see every day.


And it’s not just the desert as art.

The beauty of the United States of America is astounding. Truly from the prairies to the mountains, Americans have the ability to experience snow or beaches, or oceans or lakes.


Having traveled a little (certainly not enough) through Europe, I have even greater appreciate for the diversity that is our American landscape. I know Americans travel abroad to experience new things, but I also know I haven’t seen all of the USA either.


It’s a beautiful thing that we can get so many landscapes in one beautiful country.


And on this day particularly, Patriot Day, I am grateful for all that America provides in its beauty and potential.


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