Networking and Referrals: 3 Reasons to Support Network Marketing

As I write this, I’m about five hours from hosting a Jamberry show, wearing my CAbi skirt and also my Origami Owl necklace. Seriously. Plus you may already know I fill my body with amazing nutrition and use the same company’s amazing skincare.

Why am I such a staunch supporter of network marketing companies? I will say they tend to have fantastic quality, but that’s not the reason I support them. Instead, I offer three reasons:

  1. They offer the American Dream.
    Whether you live in the U.S. or not, the American Dream is this: you can be anything you want, no matter your background or education! Network marketing companies – in general – don’t cap your income or your vision. Want to be a millionaire? They’ll parade hundreds of folks across a stage and show you how it’s possible. Sure, I’m still fully employed in corporate America, and will be for the long-term. (I hope!) But the extra income – almost as much as my first job out of school provided – is going to set my family on another path, I hope. Or at least allow us to travel as much as we like!
  2. They’re a self-improvement plan with a compensation plan attached.
    Seriously. I just got back from our annual convention, and though I learned a little bit about “connecting,” and “following up,” the real joy was in the inspiration. The woman who said, “If you don’t set your agenda, others will.” Yes – you need to know who you are! And the man who said to be successful at anything, you need to build belief in yourself. Potential is endless.
  3. Referrals are nothing new. And not very different.
    Have you ever told a friend that a certain restaurant was amazing? Did you recommend a clothing line? Did you rave about a hairdresser? How much did they pay you to give that referral? I’d bet nothing. In network marketing, the ones who do it best believe passionately in their product or service, and they’re just sharing. Sharing is caring, right? I’ve never met anyone more passionate about stickers that go on nails than my Jamberry consultant. Nor anyone more excited about jewelry than a friend who sells Premier Design or a friend that sells Origami Owl or my friend who sells Pampered Chef. And I’m no less passionate about my company. It’s literally changed my life: my health, my financial outlook and my attitude.

Why don’t I mention the company I represent? Because it’s a lifestyle, not a product. And I can give you the link to my site and you can sign up, but if I don’t get to know your goals, I can’t help you. And I want EVERYONE to succeed. If you are interested, contact me. I never pressure, and I can add you to some groups so you can learn more, at your pace. But if you do join, you’ll get support from me, accountability from the entire team, and you’ll show success. 16 weeks will change your life!


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