What is “nutritional cleansing?”

Today is a cleanse day for me.

I know –  when you hear “cleanse,” you cringe. But think of it more as intermittent fasting…

There are a lot of cleanses out there. But what is a cleanse and what does it do?

The purpose of a cleanse is really to give your body a break from digestion. I definitely do not partake in a colon cleanse myself. In fact, I don’t cleanse to clean anything! I follow more of an intermittent fasting approach.

Intermittent fasting is the occasional low-calorie day. I have belonged to gyms where trainers encouraged a day of intermittent fasting, where they would ask you to forego breakfast and lunch (substituting water) and then have a healthy dinner. That takes you to about 500-6o0 calories for the day.

I myself use a nutritional beverage which, together with a few cleanse-friendly snacks, totals about 500 calories for the day, but is instead dispersed with some sort of nutrients every hour or two. It is much easier for me to handle this approach simply to fend off the “hanger.” The cleanse juice includes natural ingredients like alfalfa, aloe, ashwagandha and turmeric. All I know is that I feel outstanding the next day. It’s a combination of the digestive rest and the sense of accomplishment more than anything else! But it does help that it usually gets me back to “fighting weight.”

The Mayo Clinic indicates more research needs to be done on whether fasting is truly effective, but early studies do indicate it’s part of a healthy heart diet. As The Burn indicates, there are several ways to manage intermittent fasting. I have found one that works for me, and I love the ability to “reset” my diet and start anew.

Want more information? The Scientific American posted a fascinating article about intermittent fasting.

I’m not a doctor, so consult a professional before trying anything new. This is just my opinion. Contact me directly if you have questions for me or comment on how you approach fasting and cleansing.




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