Family Calendar Tricks and Tips

Today I’m talking calendars because school is resuming here in Arizona.

On an average week during the school year, my boys have a combination of about eight hockey practices, up to two hockey game, extracurricular activities, homework and a doctor’s appointment. Add in my husband’s hockey, my work events and just fun social activities, and we are packing the calendar.

We have used a calendar tool named Cozi since January 2010. In six years, we have learned a few tricks and I think I’ve recommended it to anyone who asks.


I love color-coding. I’m pink (of course!), Rob’s purple, Corey’s blue and Brody’s green. As the calendar lays out, we can easily pick out who goes where when. Even Corey pops in to the app occasionally to find out what is going on. (He was less than thrilled recently to see his name next to a booster shot he needed, and I was reminded he has access to the calendar!)

100 Percent in Sync

When we have a calendar breakdown, it’s usually because something didn’t appear on Cozi. (And it’s usually my fault.) I do use a bullet journal (#bujo) and I just like PAPER, plus I have a work calendar I can’t share directly with Cozi, so I need to do a little juggling. I juggle using a Google calendar that syncs to Cozi, and I just need to remember to pop work events that happen outside of working hours on my phone so they’ll appear in Cozi. However, we’ve found that syncing hockey team calendars has worked really well, so we don’t even end up typing in every practice or game. Cozi also syncs with most school calendars.

Lists, lists, and more lists!

We use the shopping list on Cozi too. We all can add things to the list, and if one of us happens by the grocery or Costco, the list is ready to go. (This also backfires with Corey’s access because I buy Pop Tarts and other unnecessary snacks thinking Rob put them on the list when Corey did it.)

We also use the lists feature to keep a list of things we need to take camping. Each camping trip, we tick off each item as it gets packed, and then when we’re done, we un-check the boxes so it’s ready for the next trip!


Did I mention that the basic Cozi service is free? There are a few features we don’t use (yet) like recipes, but I think the gold service adds things like birthdays, contacts and a monthly view. Maybe I will check it out sometime, because Cozi has been good to us for six years and counting.



9 thoughts on “Family Calendar Tricks and Tips

  1. lilchari says:

    I definitely recommend Cozi Gold. The extra features are well worth the small fee. The birthday reminders include an updated age (if you entered the year). My favorite Gold feature is the option to set multiple reminders for the same event. Whenever I add an event in the far future (like biannual dentist appointments) I set reminders for 1 week ahead, 1 day ahead and 1 hour ahead. That way even if an involved person doesn’t check the calendar they’ll get a text.
    Is ours the only family with a person who never checks their calendar?


    • Carrie S Sinclair says:

      That is awesome feedback! We (adults) pull Cozi in to our phones so we don’t have to open the app directly to see the schedule. You just subscribe within Apple or Android. But I like the idea of multiple reminders!


  2. Erna says:

    Noooo, your family is not the only one. My husband doesn’t like using digitally thingies, so he is not a Cozi fan. I am though, and so is my work.
    Buy the gold version, it’s worth it. Just imagine: you add a new recipe to Cosi, and there is that nifty button that says ” add to groceries” you do, and voila: everything is on your shopping list. And the next time, and the next…
    I coupled my private Cozi to the one at work. I work in shifts, and don’t need to enter my dates and workappointments anymore, they simply appear.
    Can you imagine how much time that saves me?

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  3. Denise says:

    I add fake family members such as “School” and use it to keep track of things that I don’t necessarily need to put on one person’s calendar (ex. Hat Day, Spirit Week, etc)


  4. Tara says:

    We love Cozi!!! The Gold edition is awesome and love how it keeps my family all in sync. The multiple reminders and color coding and various device apps makes it one of my favorite for our large family!!!


  5. Christina says:

    I love Cozi!! My parents watch my kids when we are at work and we’ve added them to Cozi. Now they get a weekly schedule automatically in case I have forgotten to tell them about something.


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