3 Things I Learned About Butter Chicken

I made the best meal ever.

And let me just say it is not particularly low-calorie or healthy, so I’m going to divert a little here. However, it is a little piece of heaven in a bowl.

I made Butter Chicken, my first item from What’s Gaby Cooking. Her pictures are far more beautiful than mine for sure. But I did learn three things I want to share:

  1. Chicken thighs are the best.
    I am a chicken breast girl. It’s a staple. We load up on frozen chicken breasts at Costco. No more. For once, I followed the recipe and actually used what it called for. (This is more due to me not having Costco chicken available and having to buy something anyway, but that’s not important.) I will not go back, and now I’ll probably substitute thighs far more often for breasts. The texture is better and the taste is delicious. And they didn’t dry out at all.
  2. I need to make more of her recipes!
    You can bet this is the first of many, many recipes from Gaby. She said this recipe would “change your life,” and those are fighting words for me. Not many things are life-changing. However, my life’s about to change. I’m going to make more of her recipes!
  3. That is a lot of butter. A lot of butter.
    I’m just saying. Anything that starts with onions melting in butter is going to be amazing. It’s always a good start.

So … needless to say, I fought for every last bite and while I normally do not eat leftovers, I stole almost every one. It reheated perfectly for lunch!

If you’ve made one of her recipes and have a favorite, let me know. I’m having difficulty choosing the next perfect meal!


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