3 Reasons I’m Thankful for Pokemon Go


Yes, of course I downloaded Pokemon Go.

And while it still puzzles me a little, I am very thankful for the game.

1. There are kids outside!

The Phoenix area isn’t normally bustling with children around July. (Well, until one of the local schools starts at the end of the month!) It’s HOT. It’s more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit most of the day, and usually into the darkness. When I lived in the Midwest, I didn’t see my neighbors from November until February. Here? That period is June to September.

Temperatures aside, this is still really great to see. They’re in the park, they’re walking down the street. I love it, and I smile every time I see someone looking at their phone and stopping to catch one.

2. The community is connecting.

You can’t help but start talking when you are all in pursuit of similar goals. I know my kids enjoyed running around with their cousins this week. I’ve seen kids connecting at playgrounds where I normally don’t see anyone hanging out. And these kids aren’t sitting at home playing video games (as mine would try to be doing)… they’re out being social. I love it.

3. They are getting exercise.

Shh, don’t tell them. But it’s true, they are running around the neighborhood from PokeStop to PokeGym, and the steps are accumulating. (Note: I think there’s a real opportunity here to sync with FitBit. Hint, hint.)

How are you getting in on the fun?

Hunting Pokemon! @robsi1991 #pokemongo

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